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Argentium® Silver Pickleball Earrings  $50

The Pickleball charm is a Keowee Gem Works original wire art design made with Argentium® (0.935) Silver and decorated with a 5 mm rose gold-filled bead. The earwire is also made with Argentium® (0.935) Silver. The earring drop length is approximately 1.25 in and the earring is 0.5 inches wide.


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Argentium® silver is a new generation of silver alloys. It contains no less than 93.5% silver and a small amount of germanium with the rest beings copper. By comparison, sterling silver is generally 0.925 silver and 7.5% copper. The germanium in Argentium® makes it more tarnish resistant that sterling silver. Argentium® is also  brighter and whiter than sterling silver. When you wear jewelry made from Argentium®, it looks much more like you are wearing platinum or white gold instead of sterling silver.

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